Apply for Cultural Leadership's High School Program

Apply for Class 14 Now

Cultural Leadership is looking for curious, courageous, change-the-world type high-school freshmen and sophomores to participate in the 14th class of its award winning, year-long educational program centered on social justice and leadership. Applications are now available as either an online application or as a PDF:


  1. Click here to complete the online application for Cultural Leadership Class 14.- complete the online application by April 15, 2018. Please note that the online application does not include the recommendation forms or the parental consent form. You will still need to download those forms separately and have them returned by April 15, 2018.
  2. Click here to download a PDF of the complete Application Packet for Cultural Leadership Class 14. - download the application documents and print, complete, and return them by April 15, 2018.


This is a very rewarding—yet demanding—program. We require a serious commitment from our participants that is outlined in both the Program Schedule and Agreement. Please be sure you are willing to commit fully to Cultural Leadership before applying. Click here to see SAMPLE dates for the Class 14 program. A comprehensive list of Class 14 program dates will be announced when they become available. Click here for a list of the current Class 13 prgram schedule.


Eligibility & Qualifications

Student Recruitment and Selection

Cultural Leadership sends applications to more than 100 high schools and houses of worship in the St. Louis area in search of competitive applicants. We welcome applications from students of any race, religion, or background who are interested in learning how to become social justice advocates.

In our inception, Cultural Leadership was a program dedicated to rekindling the historic alliance between African Americans and Jews. We have since expanded on that mission, and now train high-school students from diverse backgrounds to create a more just and equitable community through the African American and Jewish lens. We see the history of these two groups as an excellent foundation for understanding the effects of oppression and privilege, and for learning how to fight social injustice. Our curriculum continues to focus on the African American and Jewish experience and the majority of our students identify with one or both of these groups.

To apply, one must:

  • be curious and interested in “changing the world;"
  • have demonstrated a sense of responsibility, leadership potential, and curiosity;
  • currently be a freshman or sophomore in high school and live in the St. Louis region (students will be in Cultural Leadership during their sophomore or junior year of high school);
  • be Black and/or of African descent and voluntarily identify as an African-American;
  • be Jewish, belong to a synagogue, and identify voluntarily as a Jew;
  • not be Black or Jewish, but interested in learning about and being with both groups and interested in learning how to bring about social change;
  • agree to the tremendous commitment that we require of our students;
  • be open to a life-changing experience.

Only completed applications with two recommendations are read by the Recruitment - Selection Committee. This committee chooses the finalists and interviews students personally.

Information and Recruitment Sessions

You, your friends, family, and other "troublemakers" are invited to attend our information and recruitment sessions. At each info session, there will be staff, and alumni you can talk to about Cultural Leadership's year-long education program for "Change the World" teens. Following are the dates we have planned; some locations are to be determined and will updated here when they are known..

  • Information Session 3: Tuesday, March 20, 6:30 pm, Jennings Senior High School

Please feel free to share this invite with friends and family. Anyone interested in learning more is welcome to attend.

If you are interested in setting up an informational and recruitment session for a group of teens that you work, pray, or play with, feel free to contact the office at, or 314-725-3222.