Past Press Coverage of Cultural Leadership

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There is still hope for all of us, Class 14 student in the St. Louis American after the Squirrel Hill Shooting (11/2018)

Lizzy Mills, Class 12, on St. Louis on the Air: ‘We can’t leave it like this’ (7/24/2018)

Colorlines - Students Honor Emmett Till by Posting Tributes on Vandalized Mississippi Sign (7/2017) Huffington Post- Teens Plaster Vandalized Emmett Till Marker With Words Of Hope (7/2017)
Channel 4 - St. Louis teens leave messages of hope on vandalized memorial St. Louis teens leave messages of hope on vandalized memorial (7/2017) Missouri Students Visit Civil Rights Sites by Chloe Ricks in the Greenwood Commonwealth (6/28/2016)
Teenagers of Different Religions Learn About Judaism and Tolerance by Lily Hauptman in the St. Louis Jewish Light (4/16/2016) "St. Louis on the Air": Cultural Leaderships alums and leaders discuss the turmoil in Ferguson (8/14/2014)
School Swap: A shocking eye-opener by Ian Madden in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (4/11/2013)
School Swap: Inequality in our schools by Sep'Tisha Riley in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (4/6/2013)
St. Louis American Article, Cultural Leadership Announces 9th Class (3/2013) Class 9 Students on St. Louis on the Air (7/8/2013)

Jewish Light - Jonah Atchison, Class 8 (10/10/2012)


Jewish Light - Emma Ehll, Class 8 (10/10/2012)

St. Louis American Article, Cultural Leadership Inducts Eighth Class (3/2012) Social Justice: Life Lessons learned through Cultural Leadership Program in South County Times (5/2012)
KSDK Video on the Holiday Swap (4/2011) Cultural Leadership Pairs and Teaches Black and Jewish Youth, The St. Louis American (10/2009)
Multi-state trip a social learning experience for students, Suburban Journal (7/2009) 'Sharing the Seder:' Write up on Holiday Swap in Jewish Light (4/2009)
'There's a bond between us now:' Write up on Holiday Swap in Suburban Journal (4/2009) St. Louis Beacon (1/2009)
Jewish Light (6/27/2007) St. Louis Post-Dispatch (7/2/2007)
includes responses
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (11/14/2006) Arch City Chronicle (9/26/2006)
Montgomery Advertiser (6/23/2007) Jewish Light (9/28/2005)
St. Louis Argus (3/30/2006) Hebrew Watchman (8/4/2005)
St. Louis American (8/4/2005) West End Word (7/20/2005)
Jackson Advocate (7/28/2005) Arkansas Democrat Gazette (7/7/2005)
Citizen Journal (7/20/2005) New York Amsterdam News (6/23/2005)
Montgomery Advertiser (7/3/2005) Ladue Panorama (1/31/2005)
Jewish Light (5/4/2005) St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1/17/2005)
Citizen Journal (1/26/2005) St. Louis Post-Dispatch (10/21/2004)
Jewish Light (12/1/2004) St. Louis American (10/21/2004)