Program Evaluations

The ongoing measure of the impact of Cultural Leadership’s programs is done through pre and post questionnaires with participating students, parents, and supervisors.

High school program pre and post tests have been analyzed by an independent organization, EMT Associates, a California-based evaluation and research company. Their analysis has shown that Cultural Leadership has significant impact. In 2010 EMT compiled results and prepared a report, indicating the following. Click here to read the entire report.

  • 100% of our participants indicated they developed the skills and capabilities necessary for positive social action.
  • 85% of students, after completing the program, said they continue to use the skills they learned to address social justice issues.

Camp Cultural Leadership parents gave the program very high ratings, with 100% indicating in a post survey that they were “very satisfied” with camp and would recommend camp to other parents.

High School Program Impact

The long term success of Cultural Leadership is measured through surveys and by tracking the activities of our graduates. The United Way of Greater St. Louis awarded a grant in 2012 to Cultural Leadership to conduct an in-depth impact evaluation of our program. Through focus groups, interviews with alumni, as well as interviews with parents, board members and staff, the evaluation explored the impact our graduates have on their communities.

Results were outstanding and showed that Cultural Leadership alumni remain highly engaged in social justice issues after graduating from the program (nearly 70%). Alumni were highly recognized for their social justice and diversity-related efforts. More than 40% surveyed had received awards, scholarships or recognition for their work in diversity and social justice. Click here to read the full report.