Troublemaker of the Best Kind Award

The Troublemaker of the Best Kind Award was established in 2011 to recognize dynamic individuals in the St. Louis community whose leadership and life’s work addresses critical social issues and generates positive community change. The award is named in honor of Cultural Leadership’s founder and its first recipient, Karen S. Kalish. In 2004, Karen founded Cultural Leadership to train area youth to be the next generation of civil rights leaders, and as she fondly calls them, "troublemakers of the best kind."


2018 Awardees

Dr. Alison Nash, MD
Dr. Katie Plax, MD









Amy Hunter and Gail Wechsler



Rev. Traci Blackmon and Rabbi Susan Talve



Robert Cohn and Dr. Donald Suggs



Maxine Clark and Sharon Harvey Davis



Judges Jimmie Edwards and Richard Teitelman



Karen S. Kalish